Quantum Classic Body Perm

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Quantum Classic Body

with Aroma-Fresh™ Fragrance

An acid perm that creates soft, supportive body and supportive waves for a “non-permed” look. No test curl. No dryer heat required.

Our tried and true formulas contain Equalizer 3™ conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable curl formation. Our advanced conditioning neutralizer, with Aroma-Fresh™ fragrance and formulated with Argan Oil from Morocco, helps add radiant shine for manageable, healthy-looking curls.

What Makes it Special: Waving Lotion with Equalizer 3™ Conditioner + Advanced Conditioning Neutralizer with Aroma-Fresh™ Fragranc (Formulated with Argan Oil from Morocco).

Quantum® Classic Body (Acid Perm):
• Curl Type: Soft Waves​
• Hair Type: Normal, Tinted &​ Highlighted Hair​

Quantum Classic Body Perm
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