Watercolors Lightener

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An essential product for any lightening srevice. This on and off-scalp, de-dusted powder contains Aloe, so it is gentle to the hair and scalp and protects while it lifts.


  • Lifts up to 8 levels with vol. 20 developer
  • Contains aloe, argan oil & keratin amino acids
  • Leaves hair in incredible condition!

    Formulated for on or off-scalp lightening srevices

    • 3 persulfates that help break dowmnaterial melanin, allowing fast lightening

    • Chelating agents added to preventdistortion from minerals that exist in water

    • 3 buffing agents

    • Aloe and Argan Oil to moisturize while hair is lifting

    • Keratin Amino Acids strengthen existing bonds

    • New Lavender color mixes to cream, stay-put texture, easier to read

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