Original Sprout Classic Curl Calmer 4oz
Original Sprout Classic Curl Calmer leaves natural curls and waves feeling silky and bouncy. Ingredients including jojoba and cucumber moisturize all types of curls and adds a glossy sheen. Rosemary extract boosts scalp circulation which helps growth and prevents breakage....
Original Sprout Classic Hair Gel 4oz
Original Sprout Classic Hair Gel is made with apple and apricot extract while hydrating hair with cucumber and securing even the most elaborate hair styles. Use on wet or dry hair to tame frizz and fly-aways.   Features Gentle pH of...
Original Sprout Classic Shampoo 4oz
Original Sprout Classic Shampoo is sulfate-free and infused with calendula, rosemary, and arnica. The moisturizing botanicals and nourishing emollients help get rid of any product build-up so you are left with squeaky clean strands! Apply a nickel-sized amount to hair,...
Original Sprout Classic Styling Balm 1.7oz
Original Sprout Classic Styling Balm, made with shea and cocoa butter, provides a long-lasting hold and is ideal for styling curls. Use a dime-sized amount to work through damp hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, or on dry hair...
Original Sprout Deep Conditioner 4oz
Original Sprout Deep Conditioner is infused with Hawaiian kukui seed oil to help repair hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Apply onto ends for optimal moisture and movement, leave on hair for at least five minutes. For a deeper treatment,...
Original Sprout Deluxe Travel Kit
Original Sprout's Deluxe Traveler Set includes everything you need for a weekend away to visit the grandparents. Sizes are TSA-friendly.  Includes: 3oz Classic Shampoo 3oz Hair and Body Babywash 3oz Deep Conditioner 3oz Scrumptious Baby Cream Exfoliating Washcloth
Original Sprout Hand Sanitizer 12oz
This product is made by following the guidelines of the approved World Health Organization formula for effectively killing germs and bacteria. Original Sprout Hand Sanitizer is the perfect choice when you are unable to use soap and water to keep your...
Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner 4oz
Our Leave-in Conditioner’s lightweight formula is made with nourishing emollients and arnica for split ends, making it ideal for detangling and eliminating frizz from damaged hair. Apply a dime-sized amount onto ends to enjoy ultra-soft, moisturized tresses. For swimmers, apply...
Original Sprout Miracle Detangler 12oz
Original Sprout's professional quality Miracle Detangler makes combing easy for the whole family! Perfect for baby,  toddlers, children, and anyone with long hair. Use with a wide-tooth comb or vent brush. The best way to detangle is to start at...
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