PowerTools PCS - Protector Conditioner Styling Aid 10oz
Neutralize every color service with Color Protector, Conditioner Styling Aid, PCS. With a low pH (acidic), it eliminates any residual peroxide (developer) and other alkali in hair treatments. Why use PCS? Polymerization occurs when hair color and peroxide developers are mixed together....
Powertools 4Bond Molecular Bonding System 4oz Kit
The newest technology solving the never ending issue of broken internal hair bonds during most chemical, thermal & mechanical services. 4Bond achieves truer, richer & deeper color retention and deposit, while infusing & rebuilding the hair strands with Keratin Amino...
Clairol Professional Color Serum
Mix this creamy Color Serum with your liquicolor permanente formula and enjoy: 75% more conditioning ingredients than liquid color alone Thicker mixture for better control during coloring Less breakage; hair is strengthened from within Improved fragrance; ammonia scent is less...
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