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Surgi Facial Hair Remover Cream 1oz

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Surgi-cream Hair Remover for Face, 1-Ounce Tube Surgi-Cream Facial Hair Remover is a quick, effective and gentle way to remove unwanted facial hair from upper lip, cheeks and chin. The kit contains a gentle hair removal cream plus the post treatment Surgi-Soothe Cream with HAIR STOP PLUS, which soothes the skin after hair removal while helping to reduce the appearance of hair regrowth.



How To Use:

Patch test:
Before applying Surgi-Cream Face or Body depilatory, do a patch test to determine whether you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Follow directions given but limit the application of Surgi-Cream depilatory to a dab on a small spot on face or body. After completing treatment with Surgi-Cream Finishing Balm, wait 24 hours. If redness, irritation or eruption appears you are sensitive to one or both products and should not use them. If normal, you may proceed.

1ST Step: Apply
Dampen skin first. Apply with fingertips and Smooth cream onto desired skin area making sure hair is thickly covered at skin level. Do not rub in. Wait 4 minutes and check a small area. If hair does not remove easily, wait 2 more minutes and then check again. Do not allow cream to remain on skin longer than 8 minutes.

2ND Step: Remove
Wipe off with a damp cloth. Gently rinse off remaining cream with lukewarm water and Pat dry.

3rd Step: SOOTHE
Apply Surgi Soothes Cream to restore skin's normal pH balance and help retain skin's natural moisture.

Helpful Tips:
- For best results, apply a thick, even layer to clean, dry skin.
- Do not rub in.
- If first application does not remove hair completely, wait 48 hours before re-treating.
- Do not use on areas that have been recently shaved, tweezed or waxed.
- Do not apply on inflamed, chapped, irritated, broken or sunburned skin.
- Do not apply on breasts or vaginal areas.
- Do not use on eyebrows or near eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
- Replace tube cap quickly to avoid drying out cream.
- Avoid the sun or tanning for 8 hours before or after using Surgi Cream Body.
- Do not apply soaps, deodorants, or astringents for two hours before and after treatment.

Surgi Facial Hair Remover Cream 1oz
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