Tammy Taylor Nail Plump Base Gel (0.5oz)
Grow Long, Natural Nails in a month! This Base Gel works amazing- no matter how thin, weak, ridged or damaged your nails are.  DETAILS: -Grow long, natural nails without breaking and splitting -Strengthen and harden weak, thin or damaged nails...
CND Shellac Wear Extender Base Coat
Up to 3 weeks of beautiful nails starts here. New brush design for full even coverage. Conceals nail imperfections. What's the difference: Extends the wear of gel polish up to 3 weeks Extends the wear of CND™️ SHELLAC™️ Gel Polish...
from $16.95
CND Shellac Original Base Coat
CND™ SHELLAC™ GEL POLISH BASE COATAVAILABLE SIZES 0.25 fl. oz. / 7.3 mL 0.42 fl. oz. / 12.5 mL WHAT IT ISA base coat designed specifically for use with the CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish System. WHAT IT DOES• Provides a...
from $16.95
CND Stickey .5oz
Stickey™ base coat creates a soft, sticky layer that anchors nail color to the nail and improves wearability.
Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat .5oz
Seche Base contains micro-fine crystals and natural clays to fill in ridges leaving nails with a glass-smooth appearance.   Seche Base™ is specially formulated to help disguise nail imperfections. Seche Base™ has an incomparable bonding ability and will give Seche...
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat (NTT10)
Base coat for regular lacquer shades Promotes a longer lasting manicure
Tammy Taylor Z Coat
A polish manicures BFF! This non-yellowing, high gloss top coat will give your nail lacquer a beautiful, flawless and smooth luster. Keeps your reds, red. Keeps your deep colored nail polish from fading. Keeps your French Manicures from yellowing on Natural...
$9.30 $8.37
Tammy Taylor X-Strong Nail Plump Base Gel (0.5oz)
THICKEST VISCOSITY · Base, Builder & Xtend STRENGTHENING BASE & BUILDER GEL IN A BOTTLE USE FOR THESE NAIL PROCEDURES: Full Cover Gel-Xtension Nail Tip Adhesion Nail Form Extensions Nail Tip Extensions Structured Gel Manicures Strengthening Gel Manicures MORE DETAILS:...
$27.45 $24.71
Tammy Taylor Light Nail Plump Base Gel (0.5oz)
THINNER VISCOSITY · Base & Builder STRENGTHENING BASE & BUILDER GEL IN A BOTTLE For a thinner, more natural look (but still extremely strong) use Nail Plump LIGHT USE FOR THESE NAIL PROCEDURES: Strengthening Gel Manicures Structured Gel Manicures Shorter...
$27.45 $24.71
Morgan Taylor - React Breathable 3-in-1 .5oz
  With REACT, we made every lacquer you own better with a formula that works with any lacquer system. The tradition continues with REACT BREATHABLE 3-IN-1 that cares for your nails as much as it cares for your manicure. Now,...
LeChat Perfect Match Duo - Ultra Thin Varnish Base Gel .5oz
High quality, low viscosity polish made for easy application. Gel brush has a flat, short and wide brush for full coverage. PMB03
$9.99 $7.99
Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure Base Coat .5oz
The base coat of your dreams! Makes the natural nail up to 10x stronger! This revolutionary formula prevents chipping which extends the life of your manicure by 75%. Can it get any better than that? Cures in LED and UV...
Tammy Taylor Color Grip Base Coat .5oz
Color Grip Base Coat grips the nail lacquer to the nail surface while protecting the nail at the same time. Color Grip was specifically designed for adhesion; and is the ideal foundation to extend the life of your manicure. 5...
$7.65 $6.89
Tammy Taylor Milky Base Coat .5oz
Strengthens natural fingernails without making nails dry and brittle. Superior adhesion to natural fingernails helps provide longer lasting manicures. Dries in 30 seconds; a perfect base coat for natural fingernails and artificial nails. Helps polish dry faster from the bottom...
$7.65 $6.89
INM Clear Bond Base Coat
POLISH LASTS LONGER FAST DRYING THIS PRODUCT: This clear, fast drying base coat lengthens the life of nail color by forming a molecular bond between the nail plate and the polish layer. Clear bond base coat prevents enhancements from polish stain...
from $3.50
Fantasea Base Coat (FSC413) .5oz
Allows polish to adhere to nails. Prevents chipping and peeling. 
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